upcoming [sic] performances in europe/switzerland 2005 & CASUISTRY in texas review


Saturday July 2nd [sic] Deejays in Neuchatel Switzerland
éLECTRIPOCNIC en tubes @ NIFFF after party


MINI SUMMER TOUR in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands in early July 2005

[sic] CA & triPhaze DE
Rob Curgenven AU

Thursday July 7th Brussels Belgium @ Mediaruimte
Saturday July 9th Amsterdam Netherlands @ OT 301
Sunday July 10th Offenbach Germany @ Hafen2 early evening in the garden
Monday July 11th Frankfurt Germany @ Curmbox
Wednesday July 13th Berlin Germany @ Kathedrale
Thursday July 14th Dresden Germany @ AudioLAB im Stadtteilhaus Dresden Neustadt, priessnitzstr. 18, direkt Ecke Louisenstr.
Saturday July 16th+17th Leipzig Germany @ Headphone-Festival-Leipzig
Tuesday July 19th Leipzig Germany @ Galerie Art PA with Nexsound label (ukraine)

[sic] is in Europe, want to book her? email:


CASUISTRY: The Art of Killing a Cat Zev Ashers’ infamous documentary
played in at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown July 5th and 6th 2005
here is an article about the film (sountrack by [sic] and roughage

[sic] live in Bern @ R3S3T MARK3T


Thursday June 16th
Bern Switzerland

[sic] LIVE @
MARK3T 7pm

caves du palais Neuchatel


upcoming show:

May 28th, 2005 Neuchatel, Switzerland -8pm CAVES DU PALAIS


éLECTRIPOCNIC performe dans les anciennes caves de la villes au milieu de cadavres de gros rouge...
Performance de 6h dans la salle des caves du Palais a Neuchatel.
8 Live acts, projection multiples, etc... Ca commence a 20h, come early...

20h Yvan&Lendl
20:30 Salam Razmal
21h Karma Chaos
21:30 Jo la Noize/Dévissé
22h Roma Sol R
22:30 Concorde Diva / [sic]
23:00 Dis Playa/Dis Play
23:30 Chichilos TV Show
00:00 - 2:00 Live mix all together

Casuistry: The Art of Killing a Cat


Currently playing nightly at 9pm @ The Two Boots Pioneer Theater

and the reviews are in:
New York Times
New York Post
Village Voice

directed by Zev Asher
soundtrack by Roughage and [sic]



[sic] CA
triPhaze DE
Rob Curgenven AU
will be on tour in Germany, Belgium & the Netherlands in July 2005
more info to follow.

[sic] live in Montreal April 13th, 2005


April 13th, 2005 @el salon in
Montreal 9pm

[sic] * with Marc Devolver
Some Trees
Books on Tape
& the 10,000 Teenage Girl Posse (DJ)

FACING THE MUSIC@ACM SIGGRAPH Montreal March 22nd, 2005


ACM SIGGRAPH Montreal and McGill University Music Technology group present:

FACING THE MUSIC from perception and recognition to synthesis, simulation and interface.

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
6PM at the Society for arts and technology
1195 boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec

Anybody who has tried the experiment of watching their favorite movie
with the sound off knows that images alone do not communicate very
effectively. It could even be said, in many situations, that image is
actually less important than the sound. This truth has long been
recognized in the more mature field of film-making, but such a
realization is still slow in coming within the computer graphics

McGill University’s Music Technology team has not been slow in
recognizing these trends, having prepared, for the Montreal SIGGRAPH
community, a grand "tour de force" survey of advances in digital audio
and musical technologies. The entire faculty of the Music Technology
team will be present to speak about their individual research
interests, ranging from psychoacoustics and musical recognition, to
sound synthesis, real-time audio programming environments and gestural

NUVO Nuvo: Montreal’s Radical Pop Underground


Robosapien Recordings NUVO CD Launch featuring
GOA!, The Spins, DJ Lynne T, Royal Air Togo, guests
@ Main Hall 5390 St-Laurent ($5)
Thu March 17th 2005

New [sic] track on Montreal comp. cover
Released last month on Robosapien Records
Nuvo: Montreal’s Radical Pop Underground

Les Georges Leningrad
The World Provider
We Are Molecules
Monkey King
The Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet
Pony Up!
Synthetic Folk Hero
Lesbians on Ecstacy
Alexis O’Hara
The Unireverse
The Spins
The Electronic Humans Guild
Shine Like Stars

[sic] + triPhaze WINTER TOUR 2005


[sic] and triPhaze SEPARATED AT BIRTH WINTER TOUR 2005. check back often for more info!

23rd January BERLIN (D) Joint Venture 4 @ Zentrale Randlage (schönhauser allee 172)
with Steve Heather (AUS), Lucio Capece (ARG), Swerve (NL), exsample (D), phon.o (D) FLYER

27th January BOLOGNA (IT) @ Netmage Festival
Auditorium Teatro Manzoni (Via Dè Monari, 1/2 - laterale di Via Indipendenza)
also apearing at the Netmage festival: Phil Niblock, Oren Ambarchini, Jan Jelinek, Deadbeat/Monolake, Staalplaat Soundsystem, Jon Woozencroft, Greg Davis/Sébastien Roux/Mattia Casalegno, and many more!

03rd February NEUCHATEL (CH) @ Caveau Bar King FLYER

06th February ZURICH (CH) Die Dada-Festwochen 2005 @ Pornokino Stüssihof

08th February FRIBOURG (CH) @ Fri-son

10th February BERLIN (D) clubtransmediale @ Maria am Ostbahnhof
Le Placard 8­ - Headphone Concert (details about clubtransmediale below)

12th February LEIPZIG (D) Superkronik with ilios + xabier erkizia

here is a recent review of ’A Monumental Struggle Of Good vs. Evil’, Privatelektro, 2004
from loop magazine (CHILE)
2004-DEZ-22 V/A

This is the second compilation of this label based in the German city of Leipzig that comprises artists of five countries of different styles within experimental electronic music.
The German Parachute opens this album with a curtain of ambient keyboards that have a quite dark approach. The metallic and industrial noises of Canadian [sic] are wrapped on loops and also create a murky atmosphere that is quite close to Coil or Nurse With Wound. Japanese Manami N. reproduces compressed and fractured digital sounds to which she adds her distant and processing voice with a pompous and bizarre song. The Swiss Everest however offers a melodic electronica, with saturated deep bass under a calm and beautiful atmosphere. German Klaswar proposes music based on a background of drones, with loops of voices that little by little the sound becomes noisy. The Glitch of German Stefan Goetsch is a long game of treated voices trying to construct a quite sad song. The Scot Harold Nono with his hypnotic’s loops of synthesizers and blows to some metal creates a track that takes us to a critical moment. By the way its interesting the percussion on bowls. The sounds of processed cords of the German Rev. Benn Schipper float on a calm and dreaming plain. Audio Deadfish is remixed by fiat with an esoteric feeling and quite shady with a bath of analogous keyboards, while triPhaze from Germany is abstract music with microscopic and winding sounds. Finally, another German, c:/ completes this compilation with a wonderful ambient piece after listening to extreme, complex and dark sounds. An end that makes clear the versatility of this comp. and its quality level. More info. at privatelektro

Text Guillermo Escudero
December 2004


festival for electronic music and related visual arts
04. Feb. - 12. Feb. 2005 | Maria am Ostbahnhof | Berlin


[1] SPLENDID ISOLATION ­ CTM.05 Special Focus

[2] Weekday concert programme


// CTM.05 Special Focus

This year’s special theme Splendid Isolation runs through the whole
festival and takes a closer look at music production outside the world-famous
heavyweight creative hotbeds, London, New York and Berlin. What’s been going
on beyond the city limits? More than a decade of Internet has fostered a new
generation of young musicians, well-equipped cybernauts who regard their
seclusion not as a drawback, but as a source of creative potential; and,
indeed, they have frequently come up with a fresher, more interesting and
uncompromising sound. Seen from this angle, one can begin to appreciate
the extent to which the rich experience of wide-open spaces and quiet retreat
and of tranquillity in the heart of nature manifests itself in idiosyncratic
aesthetic forms. Current music, from northern Europe in particular, evinces
a wealth of sounds and a keen sense of atmosphere that one would search for
in vain amongst the more decidedly urban music genres. One is almost
to conclude that music¹s function in the city is that of a designer drug,
customised for particular social occasions, whereas ’out there’, it’s about
the search for contemplativeness and the individual¹s ’inner’ journey. It
stands to reason, does it not, to ascribe this development to those regional
peculiarities? Nowhere in Europe is so sparsely populated, nor so invested
with a primordial natural presence. And, one might suggest, nowhere else is
currently producing such interesting music. CTM this year explores this

Seclusion and contemplation furthermore play a central conceptual role
regarding the musical aesthetics of this year¹s festival:
’Listening-in-and-of-itself’, music as film for one¹s inner eye, Drone and
minimalist repetition, boredom as a path to inspiration, the ’Headphone
Experience’ and experiments in spatial sound which demand that listeners
redefine their sense of what it means to be present are the themes that
weave through the programme. Splendid Isolation presents current music
northern Europe. In addition the Breakcore-Special Wasted and Le Placard
give centre-stage to strategies for interweaving internationally dispersed
and isolated artistic cells into loosely affiliated local networks.

In the newsletters coming up next, we will inform seperately about Wasted,
Ambiunix and Le Placard. Further down you find descriptions of the weekday


** WEEKDAY CONCERTS (6.2.-10.2.):
Angel & Hildur Gudnadottir (FI/IS/DE) | Benzo & Oleg Kornev (LT/RU) |
Biosphere (NO) | Joe Colley (US) | Golden Serenades (NO) | Johann
& Ethos Quartett & Matthias M.D. Hemstock (IS) | Kill (NO) | Nils Petter
Molvaer (NO) | m.takara (BR) | Maja Ratkje & HC Gilje (NO) | Single Unit
(NO) | Supersilent (NO) | Zavoloka (UA)

** LE PLACARD 8 - PROLOGUE (9.2.-10.2.):
Augsburger Tafelconfect (DE) | Ilios (GR) | Intertecsupabrainbeatzroomboyz
(FR/UK) | Rob Curvengen (AU) | [sic] (CA/QC) | triPhaze (DE) | Xabier
Erkizia (ES)

** AMBIUNIX (11.2-12.2.):
— bB (DK) | Ulf Eriksson (SE) | Gegen Hz (DK) | Jacob Kirkegaard & Thor
Magnusson (DK/IS) | Hansen & Dj Daniel (DK) | Heidi Mortenson (DK) | Pixel
(DK) | Son of Clay (SE) | The Renegades Of The Game Boxen (SE/AT) |
Viuff (DK) | VJ (DK)


[2] Weekday concert programme

The concerts during the week from 6.2.-10.2. start relatively early at
and mainly present artists, who are part of this years special focus
Splendid Isloation. An adaptive landscape of seating modules created by
artist group interplay will provide the right setup for concentration and
deep listening.

SUN 6.2. 22:00

Joe Colley (Antifrost, Povertech, US)
Supersilent (Rune Grammofon, NO)
Biosphere (Touch, Biosphon, NO) & Video: Egbert Mittelstadt (DE)

Silence as a form of expression is the common denominator this evening.
American sonic artist, Joe Colley breathes life into supposedly inanimate
equipment and materials, moulding an acoustic microcosm that succeeds in
making the inaudible audible. Another kind of silence is demonstrated by
Norwegian improvisation quartet, Supersilent. Here ­ with the aim of
attaining the most democratic means of playing together ­ silence is used
a means of communication, as a musicians¹ round of Q & A. Biosphere has
anticipating silence even before it happens. Contemplating nature and
introspective retreat inspire his infinite, slowly meandering tonal tales
that induce in the listener a state of timelessness of almost religious

MON 7.2. 22:00

Nils Petter Molvaer (ECM, NO)
Bernd Friedmann & Jaki Liebezeit feat. Hayden Chisholm and Robert Nacken
(Nonplace, DE)
m.takara (Submarine Records, BR)

Bernd Friedmann and former Can drummer, Jaki Liebezeit have been working
several years already on blurring the borders between acoustic and
electronic music. With a drum set that sounds as if it was
computer-programmed and computer-generated sounds reminiscent of
instruments they conduct a playful investigation of habitual ways of
and audience expectations. Nils Peter Molvaer was one of the first
internationally renowned Jazz musicians to mix Electronica with Jazz
elements and to establish himself in the club sector by commissioning
remixes from acknowledged producers. His performance at CTM will be the
German premiere of his new solo programme, an atmospheric amalgamation of
trumpet, video, computer and light. An absolute must for friends of
trend-setting works of ambient such as Brian Eno / John Hassell -
Musics / Fourth World Vol.1’! The Brazilian group, m.takara draws on their
musical Art-Rock background: Live improvisation, computers, trumpets,
and drums melt down into a most singular mixture of abstract textures and
Minimal Rock.

TUE 8.2. 22:00

Maja Ratkje & HC Gilje (Rune Grammofon, NO)
Golden Serenades (John Hegre / Jazzkammer & Jorgen Traen/ Sir Dupperman,
Angel & Hildur Gudnadottir (FI/IS/DE)
Single Unit (Jester Records, NO)
Electro Opera e- ­ Byungjun Kwon & Ge-Suk Yeo (KR)

This evening¹s theme is improvisation. Whilst solo artist, Single Unit,
blasts off into his own musical universe somewhere between a
rasping-rumbling cacaphony and precise abrupt breaks and Angel, supported on
cello by Hildur Gudnadottir, get in sync for a single unbroken escalation of
Noise-Drone kink, in the other three acts it¹s dialogue that takes centre
stage. John Hegre is one half of Jazzkammer, whose studio releases Jorgen
Traen frequently had a finger in producing. Tonight they collide as Golden
Serenades, throwing themselves with racket and verve into rambunctious
conversation. Electro Opera e- is a further encounter of disparate styles:
Classically trained soprano, Ge-Suk Yeo sings in electronic soundscapes
created by Byungjun Kwon, who draws on traditional Korean music and Jazz.
Maja Ratkje subjects her voice to electronic effect machines to create
forms ranging from the sharp saw-toothed to the rich and organic. Her
voice-and-electronica dialogue is richly underscored and extended by
interaction with video images from media artist HC Gilje.

WED 9.2. 22:00

Zavoloka (Nexsound, UA)
Apparat feat. ComplexÀCord (Shitkatapult, DE)
Benzo & Oleg Kornev (Laton, LT/RU)
Kill (NO)

Perceptive music that moves and stirs up the audience, its primary concern
is to explore unusual musical structures. Zavoloka offers stumbling,
unpredictable poly-rhythmics coupled with warped sonic objects, somewhere
between Noise and Melodic: an unstable and unwieldy sound in permanent
transition. Complex rhythmics also from Apparat, whose clicking, crackling
beats fuse with the overwhelming melancholy of their background melodies
create fantastic Pop arrangements. Benzo combines constant electronic
and noises with elements drawn from the Russian folklore that haunts his
minimal compositions, making them a seismograph of Russian sensibilities.
Dark audio miniatures conjure up a train-ride through the wastes of
Moscow¹s choking petrol fumes or a lonely travelling salesman, drowning
sorrows in Vodka. Finally, the outbreak and the taming of chaos with
Abstract Death Metal: the four soloists¹ passion for raising anarchistic
hell combines with their seriously concerted musical precision. Expect
velocity sparks! Deathly outbreaks of energy that are then roped back in ­
Anger Management.

THU 10.2. 22:00

Johann Johannsson & Ethos Quartet & Matthias M.D. Hemstock (Touch, IS)
Swod (Dictaphone, City Centre Offices, DE)
Andrew Peckler (Scape, US)

’Sealed time’, the term with which the Russian filmmaker Andrej Tarkovskij
described his basic cinematic intent, also applies perfectly to this
evening¹s programme. Submerse yourself in exalted and timeless miniatures
Johann Johannsson, in self-possessed Pointilist melodies from the
piano/electronic duo Swod, and in the smoke-swirled ambience of nocturnal
journeys in Andrew Peckler¹s OElevator to the Scaffold¹: in all these
projects the associative, the cinematic, the essayistic is inscribed in
music. This is cinema for the grey matter that demands concentration, yet
doesn¹t ask too much. Stimulates without undue agitation. Sublime!

NSB and REYNOLS documentaries December 17th 2004


December 17th, 2004
double screenings at the Goethe in Montreal

Buscando a Reynols (Looking for Reynols) Dir. Néstor Frenkel (North American première)
What About Me: The Rise of The Nihilist Spasm Band Dir. Zev Asher (Montréal première)
more info from our friends at HUSHUSH

DECEMBER 13th, 2004 Memorial service for Hugh McIntyre (1936 - 2004)
of the The Nihilist Spasm Band

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Devin Sarno live

Jen Morris & Michael Egger Pivophone LIVE

Pivophone by Jen Morris & Michael Egger (world premiere)
Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 8 PM
Cinema Bellevaux, Route Aloys-Fauquez 4, 1018 Lausanne Vaud, Suisse

À faire se retourner Edison dans sa tombe, voici en première mondiale le pivophone, dont la performance sera retransmise en direct sur plus de 20 radios publiques européennes, dans le cadre du Art’s Birthday organisé à Lausanne par Espace 2 au Cinema Bellevaux.

Tournant dans la tête de Jen Morris depuis des lustres et réalisée avec Micheal Egger, cette nouvelle machine pourrait s’inscrire comme la cerise sur le gâteau d’une histoire des machines à bruits. Des Intonarumori futuristes aux tubes robotiques des frères Decoster, c’est toute une généalogie glorifiant la virilité agressive, la force, le pouvoir, l’industrie et la guerre que révèle le pivophone. Le pivophone met en doute ce qui jusqu’à son arrivée faisait autorité dans les arts du son. Alors, s’agit-il d’écouter des pives comme John Cage désirait entendre l’âme des cendriers ? Non, mais on se rapproche. Et oui il faut se rapprocher. On est dans l’art de la miniature. Miniature d’un gros show télévisé où les pop stars sont des pives. Miniature d’une scène faite miroir. Miniature d’une patinoire d’Holidays on Ice, où les danseurs-hockeyeuses sont finalement grandeur nature. Alors déjà assité à un ballet de pives majestueuses sous speed ? Déjà écouté le fracas d’une pive contre une autre ?

Jen Morris est une artiste sonore de performances électroniques, radicales et troublantes. De renommée internationale sous le pseudo [sic], Morris communique rarement avec l’espèce humaine. Mais lorsqu’elle le fait, à travers, aussi, la vidéo, l’installation, la bande son de films et son label Squirrelgirl, c’est frontal et désarçonnant. Automatic word wrap

Michael Egger est un artiste vidéo, bricoleur-inventeur, programmeur, musicien et pédagogue.

Et aussi au programme de la soirée:

Thomas Tilly, Abstral Compost, Louis Schild et Antoine Läng, Raphaël Raccuia.

robot vs rabbit live

sleazy listeners related events

Zev Asher tribute events or screenings

Lasse Marhaug shows