Due to an unforeseen amount of interest, we need to inform you that Squirrelgirl Records does not accept demos.

We would love to hear what you do, yet we just don’t have the time to deal with the demand, we are a small label and we have bands lined up for the next few years. We sincerely do not want artists spending their hard earned cash on sending us demos.


new distribution for the Sleazy Listeners cd!


Squirrelgirl news Late June -[sic] & friends


Squirrelgirl news Late June.

As some of you already know [sic] released a new full length CD on May 11th, 2004.
Here is a review by Raf Katigbak of the Montreal Mirror:

[sic] - Gorilla Masking Tape (Piehead)

Montreal audio-visual artist [sic] has been voluntarily hovering just below the radar for the past year,
letting her fan base - like her music - creep in slowly and steadily. For this release on Piehead,
[sic] has crafted a fine ambient release that shows a taste for balance, restraint and creeping people the fuck out.
Gorilla Masking Tape is the sound of warm analog textures, prepared guitar and bass, a bevy of effects pedals
and two months without sleep. Bleary-eyed and hazy, the sonic landscape has a moodiness that is at once peaceful
and unsettling, not unlike the feeling of successfully removing a small metal shard from your eyelid with a needle.

Review by Raf Katigbak


Look out for [sic]’s newest track to be released early July on German net label


[sic] has been working on a downloadable release for Squirrelgirl Records.
She has been working with friends to collaborate on tracks & upload them to this site.

Everyone is swamped with their own work, so this will be uploaded little by little.
Once the songs have all been completed, the tracks that sound nice along side each other will
eventually be downloadable to fit on a CD. Artwork will also be provided for you to print.
Until then keep an eye on the mp3 section.
[sic] is currently working on a collaborative track with Montreal starlet/gorgeous talented babe
Mylena Bergeron.


If you are in Montreal this evening be sure to head over to
Casa del Popolo

too see [sic]’s friends play at the suoni festival.

David Kristian, Knurl, and Tim Hecker @ Casa Del Popolo
4873 boul. St-Laurent
Montreal, QC
Tickets: $8


news from our fotze loving friends at Privatelektro in Germany

July 4th, 2004:
laptop battle 3.5. @ Automatenbar in Berlin, Germany
with triPhaze, miwon, lambent, taktik, menue:exit

July 12th, 2004:
resonance fm
on the frequenzen radio show in London, England
live sound material and interview with triPhaze

July 23rd & 24th, 2004.
headphone festival
in Leipzig, Germany
All privatelektro hardcore members are playing :
Rev. Benn Schipper
c:\ and more

July 31st, 2004
triPhaze plays ’music for fishes’ at the
Garage festival in Stralsund, Germany.

NEW mp3s to download



a NEW [sic] CD was released May 11th 2004!
Download Moray Firth off [sic]’s new release Gorilla Masking Tape (piehead records)
Order from Piehead Records.

The [sic] and Lasse Marhaug duo creates ’Northern Passion’
Download some icy love that will make you hard.

[sic] & Roughage live in a barn - Durham Ontario & new [sic] release!!!!



* NEW [sic] CD released May 11th 2004!
* [sic] and ROUGHAGE LIVE MAY 15th 2004
* [sic] and Lasse Marhaug duet ’Northern Passion’ uploaded

* NEW [sic] CD released May 11th 2004!

Hurry! Order the new [sic] release on Piehead Records called ’Gorilla Masking Tape’
Here is the schedule for the limited edition series.

* [sic] and ROUGHAGE LIVE MAY 15th 2004

In case you happen to be traveling through scenic Durham, Ontario next Saturday evening...

Saturday May 15th at 8.30 pm
Symphony Barn, The Schmidt Farm, con 2 Glenelg fire
#393889 (DURHAM,ON)

Travel the Globe: An Experimental Live Documentary Performance
16mm double-projection,
video projection

ROUGHAGE & [sic] offer up imagery from international
vantage points accompanied by live narration and an
improvised electronic soundtrack (with sound sources
partially culled from the projectors).

An abstracted physical reality is pitted against a tenuous
personal voyage...
Two 16mm projectors provide the archaic visual ephemera featuring experimental films by Montreal’s Mark Nugent, manipulated by ROUGHAGE and [sic].
The sound of the 16mm projectors is fed into a mixer and manipulated with a
variety of effects.
MEANWHILE, details from the 16mm work are re-configured and re-contextualized on projected video (as well as a road video by [sic]). The film projections provide a semi-shroud around the video.
MEANWHILE, an ethereal and slightly demented live soundscape provides the aural accompaniment to the visual onslaught.

more info:

* The [sic] and Lasse Marhaug duo creates ’Northern Passion’
Download some icy love that will make you hard.
Lasse will be on tour with his band jazzkammer in the US, be sure to attend.

[sic] on radio canada Sunday May 9th 10 PM EST


[sic] joins 12 Canadian artists on Helene Prevost’s
to discuss artistic ideas, processes and individual approaches.

All 13 artists were invited into the studio last January,
the show will air tomorrow night at 10 PM EST (in french)
on radio canada or listen on the web.

The panel included

Jen Morris aka [sic]
Cléo Palacio-Quintin
Diane Labrosse
Chantal Laplante
Julie Rousse
Magali Babin
Mylena Bergeron
Diane Landry
Sylvie Chenard
Nancy Tobin
Anna Friz
Chantal Dumas
Kathy Kennedy

artists bios

may 15th, 2004 ROUGHAGE and [sic] live in a BARN, Durham Ontario (CANADA)


yes a BARN!

come one come all
see the show that the chickens and cows are going ape about...
it’s the [sic] and ROUGHAGE show! a live sound, film and video performance.

you need info?
Frosty Film Festival
you need directions? check out these outrageous maps.
follow the butterfly!

it can’t possibly be as cool as this, but they shall try



Casuistry: The Art of Killing a Cat


Currently playing nightly at 9pm @ The Two Boots Pioneer Theater

and the reviews are in:
New York Times
New York Post
Village Voice

directed by Zev Asher
soundtrack by Roughage and [sic]



here is some news from our German friends at Privatelektro

* lectures
** releases
*** music
**** meet us
***** dates
****** playlist


* lectures:
sunday, 2. may 2004: triPhaze aka m. brandt : Netzwerke in Sound und
Musik :
Phonothek, Berlin, Schönhauser Allee 172/ U-Bahn Senefelder Platz, kick
off 4 pm:
a presentation with sound + videos

thursday, 6. may 2004: triPhaze aka m. brandt: Internet - Chancen für
Mikrolabels -
Netzwerke in Sound und Musik - University Leipzig - Germany
Hörsaalgebäude, HS 10, kick off 5.15 pm with presentation of sounds.


** releases
still out and still hot: various artists: A MONUMENTAL STRUGGLE OF
11 tracks, 70 minutes COMPILATION, get this cd at:
+ + + shops at berlin: drehmoment, dense, neurotitan,
leipzig: kellermusik
soon: A-Musik


*** music:
new headphonefestival 2003 concert online, with artwork: mix-mup
(erkrankung durch
musique) : name: on air: file: 34 mb :
a live recording from last year, recorded at the headphonefestival. a
mix of samples,
records, live tunes and field recordings - iturntablism galore.

new mp3s by Igor Hax: 2 new mp3s: the wood ghost and disconnection

new mp3s by rev. benn schipper: various new mp3s by schipper - look at
his artist page..


**** meet us:
pop_up 2004: Fair for independent music Leipzig:
meet us there!! for a talk and a taste of our music
on May 8th @ Leipzig from 10 am to 6 pm, Werk II, Leipzig Connewitz,
we will present our visions and music, associated with austrian
magazine SKUG.


***** dates:

music: triPhaze live + selected tunes @ Galerie Otto-Nagel, Seestr. 49.
Berlin, friday 7. may 2004
vernissage with pictures by German Photographer Michael Schäfer

art: video screenings: Nextwave Festival 2004 / Melbourne - Australia -
Eyes for other Skies
international festival for unpopular Culture / 18. - 30. May ::
Privatelekto Music Videos by M. Brandt
check privatelektro news- page later forfurther details:


****** monthly artist playlist:
c:\ - hamburg

AMERICAN ANALOG SET - the golden band LP
INTERPOL - turn on the bright lights LP
V.A. - driftworks 4CD SET
WENDY CARLOS - sonic seasonings LP
WHITE NOISE - an electric storm LP
MICHAEL ROTHER - flammende herzen LP
V.A. - flex your head LP
THE DANCE INC. - 4 track EP
STRANGLERS - the raven lp
MOHINDER - everything
FRONT 242 - geography LP

enjoy spring!! warm, klicks´n´scapes greetings.
christian, bernhard & marek

ANYWARE - april 15th, 2004


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Devin Sarno live

Jen Morris & Michael Egger Pivophone LIVE

Pivophone by Jen Morris & Michael Egger (world premiere)
Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 8 PM
Cinema Bellevaux, Route Aloys-Fauquez 4, 1018 Lausanne Vaud, Suisse

À faire se retourner Edison dans sa tombe, voici en première mondiale le pivophone, dont la performance sera retransmise en direct sur plus de 20 radios publiques européennes, dans le cadre du Art’s Birthday organisé à Lausanne par Espace 2 au Cinema Bellevaux.

Tournant dans la tête de Jen Morris depuis des lustres et réalisée avec Micheal Egger, cette nouvelle machine pourrait s’inscrire comme la cerise sur le gâteau d’une histoire des machines à bruits. Des Intonarumori futuristes aux tubes robotiques des frères Decoster, c’est toute une généalogie glorifiant la virilité agressive, la force, le pouvoir, l’industrie et la guerre que révèle le pivophone. Le pivophone met en doute ce qui jusqu’à son arrivée faisait autorité dans les arts du son. Alors, s’agit-il d’écouter des pives comme John Cage désirait entendre l’âme des cendriers ? Non, mais on se rapproche. Et oui il faut se rapprocher. On est dans l’art de la miniature. Miniature d’un gros show télévisé où les pop stars sont des pives. Miniature d’une scène faite miroir. Miniature d’une patinoire d’Holidays on Ice, où les danseurs-hockeyeuses sont finalement grandeur nature. Alors déjà assité à un ballet de pives majestueuses sous speed ? Déjà écouté le fracas d’une pive contre une autre ?

Jen Morris est une artiste sonore de performances électroniques, radicales et troublantes. De renommée internationale sous le pseudo [sic], Morris communique rarement avec l’espèce humaine. Mais lorsqu’elle le fait, à travers, aussi, la vidéo, l’installation, la bande son de films et son label Squirrelgirl, c’est frontal et désarçonnant. Automatic word wrap

Michael Egger est un artiste vidéo, bricoleur-inventeur, programmeur, musicien et pédagogue.

Et aussi au programme de la soirée:

Thomas Tilly, Abstral Compost, Louis Schild et Antoine Läng, Raphaël Raccuia.

robot vs rabbit live

sleazy listeners related events

Zev Asher tribute events or screenings

Lasse Marhaug shows