Vice magazine’s review of The Romance is Over


here’s a review of
’The Romance is Over’
by the Sleazy Listeners out on squirrelgirl

ok here’s an excerpt by
RAF + VINCE of VICE magazine in this month’s ’nature’ issue.

One of the most disturbing albums I’ve heard in a while has got to be the latest release on
Squirrelgirl records, The Romance Is Over, by the twisted duo of
Norway’s Lasse Marhaug and Canada’s Zev Asher, a.k.a. The Sleazy Listeners.

The looped and chopped swingin’ lounge samples combined with unholy sound manipulations
and the creepiest crooner you ever heard (Asher) give the album a bad-trip David Lynch quality.
Sheens of noise are shattered and scrambled over the top, creating a layer of frantic urgency,
while jazz-noir samples undulate in pitch, giving a very uneasy ebb and flow to the album
that’s sort of like watching your best friend eat out your ex.

The fifth track, “Foot to Mouth,”
transcends madness into the sublime as the grand organ progressions and choirs
are bit-granulated progressively into the stratosphere.

they also review
Schlammpeitziger (a.k.a. Jo Zimmerman)
Trapist (Martin Siewart, Martin Brandlmayr, and Joe Williamson)
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Kurt Nilsen loves this album too.

Joe Colley, [Sic] and Tigrics :: Reviewed by TJ Norris


Bitola Macedonia - experimental video film/photo festival dec 17th-18th and 20th, 2003


2 squirrelgirl artists (Zev ’Roughage’ Asher and Jen ’[sic]’ Morris)
will have their works screened the
video/short and experimental film/photography festival
in Bitola, Macedonia.

more info below



video/short and experimental film/photography festival

Bitola, 17-20 december 2003


Robert Jankuloski (Macedonia)

Caroline Koebel (USA)

Hope Hall (USA)

Zaneta Vangeli (Macedonia)

Iskra Dimitrova (Macedonia)

Zev Asher (Canada)

JenMorris (Canada)

Borjan Zafirovski (Macedonia)

Jillian Mcdonald (USA)

Theo Schepens (Netherlands)

Tessa Yoosse (Netherlands)

The Festival will be held on 17th and 18th of December
in club “Porta”
(from 12:00 and from 19:00)
December 20th, at the entrance of Bitola Institute Museum
and Gallery (from 19:00).

Robert Jankuloski’s photographs - “12 Silver soldiers”, video works:

“Untitled”(Iskra Dimitrova)
“Untitled” (Theo Schepens),
“Porta” (Zaneta Vangeli),
“Me and Billy Bob”, “In the tub with Vincent Gallo” (Jillian Mcdonald),
“The Portrait of the young artist in the Twenty-first century”(Borjan Zafirovski),
“This is for Betsy Hall” (Hope Hall),
“From the Portfolio of Doggedness”, “The vent:Fada”, The vent:Camilla” (Caroline Koebel)

experimental films:

“6 short films” (Tessa Yoosse),
“Realkunst or Essential harvest” , “A portrait of Vladimir Antonov” (Zaneta Vangeli),
“RAT ART:Croatian Independents” ( Zev Asher)
“Natural Clutter” ( Zev Asher and Jen Morris).

The organizer of the event is Center for Contemporary
Public Arts “Elementi” – Bitola, Macedonia

Contact: Biljana P.Isijanin, art director
Ljupco S.Isijanin, program coordinator

[sic] album to be released as part of Piehead collection


hello here is some news from Toronto’s Piehead Records

Piehead Records is a record label and mail order service based in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada that specializes in electronic and experimental music.

November 1st, 2003

We’re pleased to announce that the artist line-up for our 2004 monthly series has been confirmed:

January: Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks

February: Knowledge of Bugs

March: Portland

April: John Chantler

May: [sic]

June: Mnemosyne

July: Mara’s Torment

August: mL

September: Accelera Deck

October: Robokoneko

November: Edward Ka-Spel

The series will consist of 11 full-length releases on professionally
pressed CDRs, each of them limited to 211 copies
(with 175 available for purchase)
and released on the 11th day of each month.

A compilation featuring exclusive tracks from all 11 artists will follow in December,
and will be available only to series subscribers.

Subscription pre-orders can now be placed via our mail order page.
More information about each disc will be posted to our releases page as it becomes available.




triPhaze and Rev. b. Schipper (Privatelektro)
& [sic] (Squirrelgirl) are going on the road in late January 2004 in Europe

for more information please click here



We will have the confirmed dates shortly.



Montreal Mirror review of ’The Romance is Over’ by The Sleazy Listeners


Montreal Mirror

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new MP3 The Sleazy Listeners ’Wonderful Death’


Here is an excerpt of The Sleazy Listeners ’Wonderful Death’
for you to enjoy,


The Sleazy Listeners


Squirrelgirl proudly announces the release of the debut recording of
The Romance is Over by THE SLEAZY LISTENERS

available through
December 1st 2003

Zev Asher (Roughage): vocals, sound deconstruction
Lasse Marhaug (Jazzkammer): samples, processing, mastering

Recorded and produced in Norway and Canada (2001-2003).

Two sound artists from cold countries
Eleven compositions of unique intensity
Fragmented poptones with strong hooks
Ribald humour throughout the lyrics and vocal stylings

Norwegian Lasse Marhaug has been active in the world of noise music since
the early 90s.
With a catalog of over thirty recordings and extensive touring behind him,
Marhaug performs and records solo and in projects like Jazzkammer, DEL and
The Nordic Miracle. He has also collaborated with many other artists in a variety of genres.

Zev Asher is a Canadian filmmaker and musician.
He was vocalist for the noise rock trio Nimrod (1987-1996) and maintains his
performing media act Roughage.
He has appeared on numerous recordings and has toured extensively.
Zev has also directed two documentaries, “Rat Art: Croatian Independents” (1997) and
“What About Me: The Rise of the Nihilist Spasm Band”(2000).

one sheet

cd cover

hushush at elektra 2003 montreal


November 12 to the 22nd, the Elektra Festival in Montréal, Québec
with many Hushush recording artists.

Along with Foton Records (from Belgium) artists

Ultraphonist, RM,
and for the first time Hugo Girard (Vromb) & Szkieve together.

They will all play (20 and 21st November)

with the sound of four minivans hung from the ceiling on one of Canada’s best venues,
Usine C for the Clicks’n’Cars installation by Foton

in case you haven’t seen it


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Devin Sarno live

Jen Morris & Michael Egger Pivophone LIVE

Pivophone by Jen Morris & Michael Egger (world premiere)
Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 8 PM
Cinema Bellevaux, Route Aloys-Fauquez 4, 1018 Lausanne Vaud, Suisse

À faire se retourner Edison dans sa tombe, voici en première mondiale le pivophone, dont la performance sera retransmise en direct sur plus de 20 radios publiques européennes, dans le cadre du Art’s Birthday organisé à Lausanne par Espace 2 au Cinema Bellevaux.

Tournant dans la tête de Jen Morris depuis des lustres et réalisée avec Micheal Egger, cette nouvelle machine pourrait s’inscrire comme la cerise sur le gâteau d’une histoire des machines à bruits. Des Intonarumori futuristes aux tubes robotiques des frères Decoster, c’est toute une généalogie glorifiant la virilité agressive, la force, le pouvoir, l’industrie et la guerre que révèle le pivophone. Le pivophone met en doute ce qui jusqu’à son arrivée faisait autorité dans les arts du son. Alors, s’agit-il d’écouter des pives comme John Cage désirait entendre l’âme des cendriers ? Non, mais on se rapproche. Et oui il faut se rapprocher. On est dans l’art de la miniature. Miniature d’un gros show télévisé où les pop stars sont des pives. Miniature d’une scène faite miroir. Miniature d’une patinoire d’Holidays on Ice, où les danseurs-hockeyeuses sont finalement grandeur nature. Alors déjà assité à un ballet de pives majestueuses sous speed ? Déjà écouté le fracas d’une pive contre une autre ?

Jen Morris est une artiste sonore de performances électroniques, radicales et troublantes. De renommée internationale sous le pseudo [sic], Morris communique rarement avec l’espèce humaine. Mais lorsqu’elle le fait, à travers, aussi, la vidéo, l’installation, la bande son de films et son label Squirrelgirl, c’est frontal et désarçonnant. Automatic word wrap

Michael Egger est un artiste vidéo, bricoleur-inventeur, programmeur, musicien et pédagogue.

Et aussi au programme de la soirée:

Thomas Tilly, Abstral Compost, Louis Schild et Antoine Läng, Raphaël Raccuia.

robot vs rabbit live

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