[sic] live at fri-son in Fribourg CH


[sic] is playing two shows soonish at fri-son

28.11.06 Tuesday * 21h * free
k.o.roke presents:
Expedition_2 CD Release by everestrecords (bern, CH)
UPDATE: prelisten to tracks from the compilation here!

30 minute showcases from the following artists:
Falls Of Mute

19.12.06 Tuesday * 22h * free
k.o.roke presents:

[sic] live at sinus series oct 6&7 Basel CH


Fr./Sa 6/7th of October in Basel, Switzerland

On Friday the 6th of Oct., in the Theatre Basel the sinus-series will focus on
experimentation with varied intonations of electronic and digital
music. The spotlight will be on powerful individual performances,
which set new trends through individuality and creativity. The
underlying base comprises live sounds and strains, - audiovisual
shows or concert appearances by local and international artists and

On Saturday the 7th of Oct., the sinus-series 06 joins the Presswerk
in Münchenstein to invite you to an opulent night full of the deepest
club sounds and live acts to dance to.


Friday 6th of Oct. in Theater Basel:
Freeform (UK, Skam)
Thomas Jeker & Christian Lichtenberg (CH) 24h / a day on planet earth
Judith Juillerat (FR, Shitkatapult)
Thomas Köner & Andreas Golinski (D), Untertage
Laptop Orchester Berlin (D)
Skoltz_Kolgen (CAN), flüux:/terminal
Benedikt Vonder Mühll & Oliver Friedli (CH), stellaric
Veck (CH)

Saturday 7th of Oct. in presswerk:
Lazy Fat People (Switzerland, Border Community) - live and DJ
Das Pferd (CH) - live
The Beat Bedouins (CH) - live
telematique (D) - VJ
Dario Rohrbach (Gelbes Billet Musik, Minimal-Mafia) - DJ


HEADPHONE CONCERTS@sinus-serie 06, FRIDAY 6TH of October
Livesets of 20 mins:

20:30 das Konzentrat (plattfon) (Basel)
20:50 b’tong (1000+1 TiLt) (Basel)
21:10 soft skills (interdisco) (Basel)
21:30 DOKTOR JETZT NICHT (atreeinafield) (Basel)
21:50 Alpen Dynamo (midinette rec) (Lausanne)
22:10 patrick thinsy (-) (Brüssel)
22:30 operateur fotokopieur (midinette rec) (Lausanne)
22:50 Softland (Spezialmaterial) (Zürich)
23:10 Radon (midinette rec) (Lausanne)
23:30 1605munro (microcentro) (Berlin/Buenos Aires)
23:50 Les Poissons Autistes (midinette rec) (Lausanne)
00:10 triPhaze (privatelektro) (Leipzig)
00:30 [sic] (Squirrelgirl Records) (Montreal/Lausanne)
00:50 James d’O (midinette rec) (Lausanne)
01:10 hori tetsuya (-) (Berlin/Japan)
01:30 larkian (midinette rec) (Lausanne)
01:50 hopen ( (Genf/Fribourg)
02:10 tokoloten (helvetunderground) (Lausanne)
02:30 gamma10 (midinette rec) (Lausanne)
02:50 nicolas weiser (electronic church) (Berlin)


new [sic] track on swiss netlabel compilation


the insubordinations netlabel from Geneva Switzerland just released 3 new downloadable works including a compilation of reworks that includes [sic]’s latest track ’Johnny Brossard’

[insubrwk01]V.A. insub01->07 reworked
*insubordinations remixed*
electroacoustic, noise, drone, clik’n’cut, audio narrative

release page
direct download

2 other brand new downloadable releases!!!

[insub09]TUTU COMBO & HEDDY BOUBAKER le grain de l’avoine
*free improv 5tet*
like in the insub01 and 04, the improvisors
develop a small and unstable world of acoustic sounds
sometimes disturbed by electronic intrusions

release page

direct download
(I recommend you this link, it’s much more faster than from

[insub08]CRASHBONSAI shit on scissors: splatter data for fake minds
*laptop improvisations*
the first stricktly electronic release for Insub
some furtive home improvised cuts

release page
direct download

and many more free releases

[sic] & David Kristian, Minibloc live in montreal july 8th 2006


come see a possible one time only [sic] & David Kristian duo performance this july 8th in montreal !!!
[sic] is not planning any other dates on this side of the atlantic anytime soon, so don’t fucking lame out!

minibloc live avec/with: [sic] + david kristian
@ salle d’attente du Café Pharmacie Esperanza
5490 st-laurent. 9pm
ticket price: by donation (pay what you can)

New mp3 and new releases to come


here is a newly uploaded mp3 by [sic] Feeble Wee One

Late this summer Squirrelgirl Records will release 2 very different cds
Heart Cell Memory by Devin Sarno & G.E. Stinson
Dos by Robot vs Rabbit



due to unforseen circumstances and too much travel, our PO BOX has closed.
please use this address for now until we have time to deal with this

Jen Morris
Squirrelgirl Records
435 Fletchers Road
Beaconsfield, Quebec
H9W 1V2

new [sic] track on GRUENREKORDER


[sic] & triPhaze march tour


here are some confirmed dates for [sic] and triPhaze’s
upcoming tour.

march 16 Leipzig @ Noch Besser Leben 21h
Merseburger Str. 25 Ecke Karl Heine Str. Leipzig Plagwitz
*with Ignaz Schick & Dawid Szczesny
march 17 Berlin @ Kathedrale 21h
Schliemann Str. 40 / HH / Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
*with c drive, rev benn schipper and noisiV (Salon Bruit)
march 18 Halle @ reil78
*with rev benn schipper
Reilstr. 78 / Halle Saale
march 20 Zurich @ BOSCHbar
march 21 Fribourg @ fri-son
march 24 Zurich @ kalkbreite 22h
kalkbreitestrasse 4 *with XENO VOLCANO

if you would like to book [sic] anywhere in europe please email

NEW MP3 and collaboration news


here is a new mp3 for your downloading pleasure.
vodka and peroges is a collaborative track by [sic] and o.s.t.
all sound sources are of [sic] drinking, chewing on ice, water boiling, peroges frying, eating, drinking, and washing dishes.
o.s.t. used these sounds to barf out a track.

[sic] and o.s.t met in while performing on the same bill during the transmediale festival in Berlin in 2004.
having seen their shows at the festival, the fine fellows at soon released their first series for a net release that featured both artists.

listen to cicratrice by o.s.t. on adozen
listen to bells of beaconsfield by [sic] on adozen

[sic] has had an ongoing collaborative series of songs with different artists aorund the world.

recently, ’Northern Passion’, a track by [sic] and Lasse Marhaug was released on a compilation by le-son 666

album: rythmo tropicale: noises da isla de montréal. (fall 2005)

01. YOMUL YUK, I’ll Send You the Title by Mail (samba)
02. MAGALI BABIN, Mangée des yeux (SOCAN) (cha cha)
03. DARCIN, Marjorie Cylinder Battle Mix (fox trot)
04. STE-SOPHIE, En montagne (merengue)
05. GOA, Lazer Elephants (rumba)
06. MARTIN TETRAULT, D’après I.m. (SOCAN) (valse)
07. DREAMCATCHER, Big Varmint (by Mat Brinkman) (salsa)
09. PASCAL GAUTHIER, Columbine-Tremblant (mambo)
10. WOMEN WITH KITCHEN APPLIANCES, Certification (cha cha)
11. INTERCOM, Palm Trees of Apocalypso (calypso)
12. [SIC] & LASSE MARHAUG, Northern Passion (fox trot)
13. MONDAY MORNING ERECTION, Centre du commerce mondial (rumba)
14. LES GEORGES LENINGRAD, "Sans titre" Live at Grr Disco (salsa)
15. PANOPTICON EYELIDS, Flying-Rug Asswiper (samba)
16. MINIBLOC, Toucan (merengue)
17. GRANDMIXER MARJORIE, Sounds of the Crest Vol.1 (bimbo)
18. GIN GIN SUSSEX, Tropical Gunslinger (valse)
19. ROBOT DAVE MERCI, Monica (calypso)
20. GLITTER SOUL ORCHESTRA, Church Basement Quebec City (cha cha)

[sic] and Roughage will soon have a track released on opposite records from new york.
a track the duo collaborated on with anla courtis former member of reynols will be released on hushush

UPCOMING [sic] shows


* Thursday, September 29, 2005 8.00 pm in Bern Switzerland
celebrating 10 Years Herpes Ö DeLuxe

**Tuesday November 8th, 2005 at Fri-son in Fribourg Switzerland
presented by

***Wednesday November 9th at Festival Break 2.3 in lubljana, Slovenia

* 10 Years Herpes Ö DeLuxe, Schlachthaus theater Bern

Thursday, September 29, 2005 8.00 pm sharp! 10 CHF
Schlachthaus Theater Bern
Rathausgasse 20/22
3011 Bern Tel 031 312 96 47


Friday, September 30, 2005

Saturday, October 1st, 2005

The exhibit:
Thursday 8.00 pm, Friday & Saturday 2.00 - 8.00 pm

** Tuesday November 8th, 2005 @ Fri-son in Fribourg, Switzerland

HOPEN (opening and closing live sets!)
[SIC] (+ visuals)
LARKIAN & D’INCISE improvisation

***Wednesday November 9th at Festival Break 2.3 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Devin Sarno live

Jen Morris & Michael Egger Pivophone LIVE

Pivophone by Jen Morris & Michael Egger (world premiere)
Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 8 PM
Cinema Bellevaux, Route Aloys-Fauquez 4, 1018 Lausanne Vaud, Suisse

À faire se retourner Edison dans sa tombe, voici en première mondiale le pivophone, dont la performance sera retransmise en direct sur plus de 20 radios publiques européennes, dans le cadre du Art’s Birthday organisé à Lausanne par Espace 2 au Cinema Bellevaux.

Tournant dans la tête de Jen Morris depuis des lustres et réalisée avec Micheal Egger, cette nouvelle machine pourrait s’inscrire comme la cerise sur le gâteau d’une histoire des machines à bruits. Des Intonarumori futuristes aux tubes robotiques des frères Decoster, c’est toute une généalogie glorifiant la virilité agressive, la force, le pouvoir, l’industrie et la guerre que révèle le pivophone. Le pivophone met en doute ce qui jusqu’à son arrivée faisait autorité dans les arts du son. Alors, s’agit-il d’écouter des pives comme John Cage désirait entendre l’âme des cendriers ? Non, mais on se rapproche. Et oui il faut se rapprocher. On est dans l’art de la miniature. Miniature d’un gros show télévisé où les pop stars sont des pives. Miniature d’une scène faite miroir. Miniature d’une patinoire d’Holidays on Ice, où les danseurs-hockeyeuses sont finalement grandeur nature. Alors déjà assité à un ballet de pives majestueuses sous speed ? Déjà écouté le fracas d’une pive contre une autre ?

Jen Morris est une artiste sonore de performances électroniques, radicales et troublantes. De renommée internationale sous le pseudo [sic], Morris communique rarement avec l’espèce humaine. Mais lorsqu’elle le fait, à travers, aussi, la vidéo, l’installation, la bande son de films et son label Squirrelgirl, c’est frontal et désarçonnant. Automatic word wrap

Michael Egger est un artiste vidéo, bricoleur-inventeur, programmeur, musicien et pédagogue.

Et aussi au programme de la soirée:

Thomas Tilly, Abstral Compost, Louis Schild et Antoine Läng, Raphaël Raccuia.

robot vs rabbit live

sleazy listeners related events

Zev Asher tribute events or screenings

Lasse Marhaug shows