Jen morris aka [sic] started exploring sound when video and film became a part of her visual art work. If rumors are to be believed, as of late, she can be spotted designing god knows what and messing with some rather disconcerting sounds in the intimacy of her private studio.
Morris’s music is a travelogue through spontaneous landscapes and an electronic re-interpretation of the patterns and random order of organic principles. A re-indexation of the extraordinary and the mundane elements that constitute our daily lives.

Morris has played MUTEK (ca), LUFF (ch),Transmediale (de), Send & Receive (ca), Break (so), Netmage (it), Digitales (be), Les Digitales (ch), WIM (ch), DeNoise (jp), VUFF (ca) and plenty of other festivals and tours over the years.

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Here are some [sic] live videos. Please keep in mind that the sub-bass can’t really be recorded with small video cameras!
Live at Ilot 13 in Geneva 2012
Live at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo
Live at Oblo in Lausnanne 2012
Live at Oblo in Lausnanne 2009
Live at Oblo in Lausanne 2008
Live at LUFF in Lausanne 2007

Jen Morris also has a duo project called Morisato

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“Feeble Wee One”
...Gorilla Masking Tape



“Vactrol High Pep Rally”
[sic] ep